Introduction to ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Interview with Michelle Sugden, Dental Hygienist Instruction at Metro Ed


Video Interview with Michelle Sugden


Interview with teacher Michelle Sugden on Universal Design for Learning — Click here for Interview Part 1.

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General guidelines for universal design in the classroom and Interviews with four students to learn about their strengths, and the strategies that they used to overcome their struggles — Click here, for General Guidelines for universal design in the classroom.

Choose the Best Vocational Goal for You

If you find a career that matches your passion, then it doesn’t seem like work.  In fact, you will find yourself amazed that you are getting paid for the work you do.  This, to me, is the highest goal.

Imagine for a moment, that you are not limited by money, family, geographical location or your age.  You are in your dream career performing work that you would love to do? What would it be?

Hold on to that thought.  It can be a dream come true.  Often, we limit ourselves with our own fears and insecurity, and barriers can be overcome to achieve your true life’s calling.

A thorough assessment will include an assessment of your strengths and interests and then matching them with the local labor market if you want to remain close to home.  If you are willing to relocate, more options will be available. 

Either way, you can be destined for career success. 

Identify and Request Academic Services / How to Request Accommodations

  • Matching functional limitations with services that give you an equal chance for success

  • Documentation:  How to formally request accommodations and successfully receive them

  • Self-Advocacy:  Successful communication with schools and employers result from your own understanding of your disability, and confidence in the effectiveness of the accommodations.


Develop Educational and/or Vocational Plan

College Goals:  The fact track educational plan will identify courses that meet all of the following:

  • Required courses for your degree
  • Meet General Education requirements
  • And are transferable to University of California or California State Universities

I can help you identify these courses and other courses necessary for you to obtain your degree in the shortest time possible.

Vocational Goals:  The important aspects of choosing a vocational training program include knowing the actual employment requirements of your goal and making sure that your vocational training plan covers these areas. 

I can help you develop a vocational plan that leads to the best chances of successful employment.