Individualized Services / Special Services Available upon Request

If you need assistance with academic success or vocational guidance, you can access the following services here:

  • Assessment
  • Consulting
  • Counseling
  • Coaching

Although we specialize in all types of disabilities, we can help you with student and career success, with or without symptoms of a disability.

We all have strengths and areas in need of improvement and the key is learning how to incorporate strengths to overcome barriers to learning and career success.

Identify and Request Academic Services / How to Request Accommodations

  • Matching functional limitations with services that give you an equal chance for success.
  • Documentation: How to formally request accommodations and successfully receive them.
  • Self-Advocacy: Successful communication with schools and employers result from your own understanding of your disability, and confidence in the effectiveness of the accommodations.

Choose the Best Vocational Goal for You

If you find a career that matches your passion, then it doesn’t seem like work. In fact, you will find yourself amazed that you are getting paid for the work you do. This, to me, is the highest goal.

Imagine for a moment, that you are not limited by money, family, geographical location or your age. You are in your dream career performing work that you would love to do? What would it be? Hold on to that thought. It can be a dream come true.

Often, we limit ourselves with our own fears and insecurity, and barriers can be overcome to achieve your true life’s calling.

A thorough assessment will include an assessment of your strengths and interests and then matching them with the local labor market if you want to remain close to home. If you are willing to relocate, more options will be available. Either way, you can be destined for career success.

Develop Educational and/or Vocational Plan

College Goals: The fact track educational plan will identify courses that meet all of the following:

  • Required courses for your degree.
  • Meet General Education requirements.
  • And are transferable to University of California or California State Universities.

I can help you identify these courses and other courses necessary for you to obtain your degree in the shortest time possible.

Vocational Goals: The important aspects of choosing a vocational training program include knowing the actual employment requirements of your goal and making sure that your vocational training plan covers these areas.

I can help you develop a vocational plan that leads to the best chances of successful employment.

Testing for Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia

Learning Disabilities: As a qualified examiner, I can administer testing that will identify the presence of a learning disability. All testing will include recommendations and strategies.

Dyslexia: I have an array of screenings and evaluations for Dyslexia. A Dyslexia report will address the many primary and secondary factors associated with Dyslexia. I have expertise in various learning strategies that are effective with various aspects of dyslexia including:

  • The Wilson Reading System theory and practice for phonemic awareness.
  • “MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach, an online tutorial designed for persons with dyslexia and other reading disorders.

ADD and ADHD: Often, learning disabilities co-exist with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and sometimes people experience clear stand-alone symptoms of ADHD. My assessment will determine the probability of ADHD and will identify specific areas that are significantly presenting barriers. With this information, specific recommendations can be made based on the individualized assessments.

  • ADHD coaching and assistance is available.
  • A thorough review of research and evidence-based practices is also available.

Learning Techniques and Strategies

Identify your individual learning styles and study strategies that match them Access learning strategies that are based on neuroscience and incorporate modern research on how our brains learn best. Motivational counseling and time management techniques are sometimes essential to improve learning.

Improve Test Performance/ Get Better Grades

We offer services to help with the following main factors that affect test performance:

  • Study skills and learning strategies.
  • Test taking strategies.
  • Overcoming test anxiety.
  • Self Confidence.

The photo on this page shows significant improvement of a student who had extreme test anxiety. After 3 meetings, her anxiety was reduced to a moderate level. She finally passed her math test immediately after accessing our services.

Taking a test does not have to be a negative experience. It can become a highly anticipated opportunity to show what you truly know, without the interference of test anxiety.

Psychoeducational Counseling

If you are a person with a disability, or perhaps someone with symptoms but never diagnosed, it is important to understand the causes and nature of the disability to be able to manage it better. This educational process is called psychoeducation, and is the first step towards coping skills that lead to success.

I incorporate holistic counseling methods that take into consideration your spiritual and/or cultural values and incorporate aspects of your personality to improve physical or mental health challenges.

Coaching ADD & AD/HD

I am meeting many adults who were never diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but experience clear symptoms of this condition. They were able to manage life until attempting to achieve new educational or vocational goals. It becomes necessary to determine what is the cause of difficulty and to understand the disability. This psychoeducational counseling is key to managing and overcoming challenges of ADD and ADHD. Coaching and counseling services are highly individualized, and may include time management, organizational skills, and emotional regulation. It is important to know that this condition can be managed without medication, although consultation with aphysician is recommended.

Strategies for Nursing Students

Nursing school is a unique experience and having skills to address and cope with the specific challenges you will face can ensure your success. During my 10-year career at California Community Colleges, I worked as a Student Success Specialist for students in Health Occupations. The majority consisted of nursing students who were able to significantly benefit from my services. The following presentations are available to nursing students:

  • Test Taking Strategies with sample Nursing Exam questions
  • Relaxation and Visualization of Test Success
  • Time management and study schedule development
  • Stress management incorporating relaxation techniques, positive psychology and reframing

Reduce Test Anxiety

Some test anxiety is normal, but if it is so extreme that it interferes with your ability to think clearly and even causes physical symptoms, we can help you. After we were able to help reduce a student’s test anxiety, she was finally able to pass her math test. In this particular case, the student’s anxiety was extreme and she failed the test numerous times. After three meetings that included relaxation exercises and counseling, her anxiety was reduced to a moderate level, and she was able to pass her test.