Consulting Services for Parents

There is no doubt that the most successfully adapted and served students are those whose parents were informed and able to advocate and access services for their child. 

In fact, a Transition Plan is required for special education students. This plan is essential for identifying services for the next steps after graduation.

We are your one-stop center for all:

  • Advocacy and Advisement

  • Consultation

  • Special Education services

  • Individualized Education Plan

  • Transition Plan

  • 504 Plans (If smart phone friendly)

  • IEP'S

  • Accommodations

Parents Testimonial

Parents Testimonial for Natalie’s Academic and Vocational Services (photoed above)

"Thank you Natalie Bradley for being a big part of Jaime’s Triennial IEP meeting and advocating for his vocational goals. Furthermore, for you requesting the attendance of the Department of Rehabilitation and the San Andreas Regional Center for a Transitional meeting to incorporate these specific goals into Jaime’s transition. These include supportive employment, enclaves, and formal on-the-job training agreements with employers, so all of these options should be explored with the Department of Rehabilitation with the appropriate services included in his Individualized Plan for Employment. You were the “voice and bridge” towards kicking the doors open for Jaime. As a result, Jaime will be attending a vocational class to learn culinary. He will then be transition into the Rancho Cielo Culinary School in 2024, which would make him the first student with autism to register and attend".

 ~ Josephine and Jesus Covarrubias, Parents

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