Student Success Stories

Student passed licensure for marriage and family therapy after test taking strategies instruction from Natalie Bradley

I failed the test several times, but after learning test taking strategies from Natalie, I passed on the next try.   Now I am eligible for employment and benefits that will cover my student loan repayment. This has changed my life forever.

Feedback from Individual Students

For me, Natalie Bradley seems to understand the direction I really want to go in. I feel like I am more confident in myself and more comfortable in my skin.

For the first time, I am looking forward to my next counseling appointment.

Very helpful and kind. All of my concerns were addressed & fulfilled professionally. I am looking forward to our next visit.

Feedback from Student Success Class:

She always has the attention of the class on whatever she is teaching.”  

Natalie teaches us with enthusiasm. There’s never a dull moment and I enjoy learning because of her teaching methods.”

I like how she helps us on finding new things or idea about ourselves in a positive way. 

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Successes Testimonials — Video

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Natalie Bradley  Graduation Speech — Video

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